Our Mission

Stolo strives to provide hands on knowledge to companies and individuals who want to succeed in the cannabis industry with emphasis on science and technology. The classes are designed to show a small group of like minded attendees exactly what goes on behind the scenes in a real grow with live cannabis plants. This course is perfect for those currently in the cannabis industry, home growers, and those ready to launch a career on the ground floor of an industry poised to take off!

What is Covered in our class?

  • Increase the Quality & Yield of your Harvest

    By properly maintaining your grow you can maximize your overall yield and potency. 

  • Network

    Connect & network with others within the cannabis industry. 

  • Learn from Live Cannabis Plants

    By growing hemp we are able to demonstrate each phase of a cannabis plant from seed to cure. 

  • Compliance

    Ensure compliance with Massachusetts medical and recreational cultivation laws.

  • Pest & Mold Control

    Learn how to prevent and control infestations. 

  • Building a Grow Room

    Learn how to properly build a grow from a small closet grow to a large scale commercial grow. 

  • Cloning

    Learn to clone your favorite strains and lose the need to keep repurchasing seeds each harvest.

  • Learn Proper Environment Control

    Ensure your grows success by controlling temperature & humidity.

  • Plant Training

    Learn to maximize yield by training your plants to grow as big as your set up allows. 

  • Phenohunt

    Learn what traits to look for when germinating seeds to find a winning strain in your garden. 

  • Germinating Seeds

    Learn how to germinate seeds with the highest germination rate. 

  • Male vs. Female Plants

    Explore the differences between male and female cannabis plants and also how to tell the difference in your grow.

  • When to harvest

    Each day in the life of a cannabis plant it is changing both in size and chemical composition. Learn when to harvest your plant to maximize the desired effect you are looking to experience. 

  • Problem Solving

    Learn to diagnose and fix any issues in your grow before they become fatal to your plants. Common issues include; overwatering, nutrient burn, pest invasion, & mold. 

  • Curing

    By curing your harvest properly you maximize terpene levels leading to an enhanced final flavor, smell, and effect.

  • Properly Calculate Nutrients

    By calculating your plants feeding schedule accurately you ensure maximum level of nutrient absorption and minimize risk of nutrient burn and nutrient defieicny. 


Do I have to live in Massachusetts or be a patient to attend a class?

No you do not. However, we ask that each student is at least 18 years of age and has a government issued ID to prove so. 

Will this be hands on?

Unfortunately due to the legal environment we live in your involvement will be in a strictly spectator fashion. Only a licensed agent of the state that has gone through a state issued background check and screening is allowed to handle product. 

Are there live plants?

Yes, we are cultivating hemp in the classroom to give you the best possible education on the environment and maintenance required to have a successful grow.

What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

Although they are both derived from cannabis hemp has a THC level below 0.3% while marijuana is categorized as cannabis above 0.3% THC. 

Can I take videos and or pictures in class?

Absolutely, we allow you to record and take photos during our classes.

Will I have time to ask questions?

Yes, questions are encouraged. You will be with a group of experienced like minded individuals that will be able to walk you through a solution step by step.